Hello World (again)!


Hello World (again)!

Berean Bible Church   … Becomes…   GraceWay Bible Church  –  it’s now official.

July, 2011.

Hi everyone! We’re back online… Yay!  Bear with us as we get back up to speed. Our old webmaster departed, but now we have a new one as well as a new hosting company and new server.  Also, speaking of things new, …add to those a new website and a new name.  …Welcome!

First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to those who have come forward expressing interest in helping with updating the site and transcribing lesson notes. We also have a new YouTube channel and look forward to adding video studies to these pages shortly.

By the Grace of God alone, we continue to grow!

Thank you for your patience and your emails. (Oh yes, we’ll soon have a new email address as well!)

We will be getting all of our audios and lesson notes up as quickly as time permits, and we have many new features in the pipeline. This will altogether prove to be an exciting time.

Additionally, we have decided to put a little extra care and due diligence in the rebuilding of this site to ensure that our future growth will be less technologically distracting. The extra time and attention will hopefully make it possible for almost anyone who desires to help and/or contribute to this site – to do so with very little webmaster experience.

One final note: The site at www.floridagrace.com still exists at present, but it will not be further updated. This is our new ~permanent~ home and we’ll shortly be back up to speed.