Kenya Students Report


Kenya Students Report

Dear Des,

Grace,peace and mercy from God the Father and the love hat is in Christ Jesus be with you.
We thank the Lord always for you, for your  and ministry. You have been a blessings to us, especially in the knowledge of the word of God. As we watch the DVDS, we are excited to receive the truth as it is in the word of God, we feel like Apostle Paul is in our midst.
We are now able to have a Video class, print more study materials like ,” are you going to heaven”, water baptism and even translate them into kiswahili. Brother we trust  one day you will be able to visit us.
Thank you for your love to the Lord and desire to see others reached by the word of God rightly divided.  The work of the Lord is challenging yet very rewarding , we are excited to hear from some people who before were fighting the truth of the mystery, now preaching and teach that Apostle Paul is the Apostle of the Gentiles, though limited to the full knowledge of the mystery

Pastor Simon

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